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Being the victim of a car accident is a complex and difficult situation. Not only must you address any emotional and physical injuries caused by the accident — as well as the potentially significant financial burden associated with those injuries — but you must also deal with an insurance company who has little interest in how the outcome affects your well being. Understanding when you should connect with a personal injury lawyer to help process your claim can be the difference in receiving a fair car accident settlement and limiting the emotional stress of a drawn out engagement with an insurance company.

If you do decide to file a lawsuit over your car accident injuries, now is a good time to turn your case over to an experienced attorney so that he or she can worry about complying with the court’s strict procedural requirements for filing the right paperwork, making the proper allegations, and serving the other side (the defendant) with the lawsuit documentation -- not to mention handling the ins and outs of what can be a complex and contentious litigation process.


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